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Practical Guide to Downsizing for Seniors -

Checklists, Step by Step Guide and Tips on Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Leaving a place you used to live in could be a bit bittersweet, especially if all you could ever take with you are the memories you’ve made with the people you hold close to your heart and the moments you’ve garnered with them in it. Moving for retirement is both emotionally stressful and at the same time, exciting.

Many older adults decide to sell their current house and move to another place for economic reasons. However, they usually find the idea distressful. From sorting your baggage out, packing, deciding what date you are going to move, and setting up your new home; which I might add, downsizing for seniors is exasperating.

Plus the nerve-racking process of moving to a smaller place since it obliges you to bring only the “essentials”. Due to such time-consuming plan, sometimes,  you would end up having second thoughts on leaving. But in spite of the never-ending process, older adults are usually in for downsizing after retirement. With two main goals in mind; reducing such high-maintenance at home and utility costs for the following years.

There are so many benefits of downsizing for seniors who are in the retirement stage, for instance, you may have gotten tired of mowing your wide lawn every Sunday afternoon, tired of cleaning such spacious house daily, and you may have noticed how so much stuff in your home attract dust and contribute to clutter.

There have been significant positive feedbacks from seniors saying their life started to improve the moment they began to downsize after their retirement. Unlike before, their life has become much healthier and happier. Plus the fact that their usual expensive way of living a few years ago has finally changed, made it more convincing for others to do the same.



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